16.1 Inch NV161FHM-N41 LCD Screen 1920*1080 Ori eDP 30Pin

SKU: AS092487
Price: $79.50


Gross weight1000g
Model NumberNV161FHM-N41
PineDP 30Pin
Size16.1 Inch

Test before installation

1.A screen is a breakable item, we strongly suggest you to test it before installing it. When testing, do not remove any protective film or tags. please pay attention the problem of static discharge.

2.Testing process - please conect the flex cable of the new replacement screen to the monthboard cable of the test device , power it on, start the testing. if it turns on as usual, you can install the screen. if the device doesnt turn on, please contact us as soon as possible and do not install the screen. 

3.please make sure that the screen flex cable is not over bent - an angle of more than 90 degree will cause a black screen or stripes.

Packaging process diagram